Post Producer | Post Supervisor
More often than not, Cinematomic clients know enough about post-production to know that they need help. The devil is in the details, especially when you’re coordinating a project between various people, places and facilities. Cinematomic has experienced post-production experts available to shepherd your project from the camera to the screen.

• Post Supervisors will manage the entire project after the camera
• Line Producers available for budget creation, management and adherence
• Producers can help you with creative and technical to paint your picture
• “The buck stops here” mentality. Let us be responsible.
Dailies & Trandscoding
Using Cinematomic’s FlexPix Dailies system, our experienced DIT’s will safely back up, archive, transcode and prep your raw camera data as needed for post production, and for peace of mind.

• Davinci Resolve or Assimilate Scratch Lab
• Instant iPad dailies are available
• Safe ingest from camera masters on card or drive
• Red, Arri, Canon, Blackmagic Design, and others supported
Color Correction
Cinematomic Digital Intermediate (CDI) means you get the results you deserve. We clearly define what to expect before you spend a dime, and we always over deliver. There is no ambiguity, no surprises. You work directly with an experienced colorist in a private color correction theater or bay.

• Experienced, talented colorists working for YOU, not a facility
• Remote or hands-on collaboration with colorists
• View and approve in a private theater or bay
• Save up to 300% off a traditional DI
Digital Cinema Mastering
4K / 2K / HD Digital Intermediate & Finishing
We offer complete finishing packages for any type of project and any type of acquisition and delivery format. Ask us to handle:

• Online / Conform & color correction in 4K / 2K / HD
• Encoding / Decoding / Transcoding
• Archive to LTO tape
• Professional DCP with screening for theatrical & festival release
• VFX, Titles, Credits
Motion Graphics and Visual Effects (VFX)
Creative, compelling and innovative visual effects using Adobe After Effects, Maya and Cinema 4D.

• CG visual effects (explosions, blood splatter, laser beams, etc.)
• Titles, credit scrolls & lower third graphics
• Animated & still logos
• Compositing (green screen & other)
• Rotoscoping & Wire / element removal
• 4k/5k Image stabilization
Sound Mixing
We truly believe that the sound is 50% of your project. Fortunately for you, it usually requires less than 50% of the budget.

• Sound mixes delivered in Stereo, 5.1 & Stereo stems
• Review & approval on a professional ADR stage
• Isolate & Fill M&E tracks using live foley and/or sound library fills
• Custom music scores from REAL composers (or a library, your choice)
• Sound Supervisors available for clearance & ASCAP
Offline | Online Editing
Talented editors are available for offline & online editing in Avid or FCP, or we can coordinate with your editor.

• 5K / 4K / 2K / HD in native file-format, ProRes, or DNxHD
• Professional, prompt, efficient editors...always
• Producer-Editor ("PrEditor") available for creative collaboration
• Feature, documentary, commercial and comedic editors available
Documentary Rescue
Documentaries are unlike any other production. They are ALWAYS are the result of a dedicated, passionate visionary. They often take years to make. Most docs use hundreds or thousands of hours of footage across many different formats. Cinematomic specializes in finishing documentaries. No matter your budget, we will help you reach the finish line…finally.

• Avid/FCP Project Consolidation (clean up timeline)
• Pre & Post-Production workflow consulting
• Online Conform (“uprez” footage from SD to HD)
• Frame rate conversion (pulldown removal, NTSC to 24p conversion)
• Custom music scores (real composers or library…your choice)
• Package deals on color correction & sound mix
• Festival delivery (We have up-to-date delivery specs for: Sundance, Toronto, SxSW, Slamdance, Berlinale, Cannes, LA Film Fest., AFI and more)
Workflow Consulting
Cinematomic workflows for file-based productions are faster and safer, yield better results and usually save a production 10-40%. Workflow consulting services include:

• Itemized budget for production & post
• Contractual “callouts” and deal points
• Shared schedule with hierarchical administration
• Camera tests with documented results
• Post workflow diagrams (any camera, any delivery format)
• Creative & technical headhunting
• On-set data management services
• Archival and media management
RFQ Preparation (Request for Quote)
Some clients need a “real-world” budget to get funding for a project or a facility build-out. Cinematomic will provide an independent evaluation of a client’s needs and generate an RFQ that the client can submit to other vendors for an accurate quote.

• Post-production budgets and crowd-sourcing documentation
• Vender adherence requirements for quote providers
• Scope of work including milestones, timelines and payment schedules
• CAD Design & Engineering documentation
• Environmental, economic, and technical requirement documentation
• Legal requirements for clearance or quality & standards adherence


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